Organic Certification


LETIS makes available:

  • The normative documents and other specific disposal of the certification programs;
  • The evaluation procedure for each Certification Program;
  • The procedure for the extension of the scope of the certification;
  • A description of LETIS resources and income;
  • The fee structure of LETIS services for the certification of the different Programs;
  • The requirements and procedures for the suspension and cancellation of the certification by the operator;
  • The requirements and procedures for the evaluation of the inspection report and its approval;
  • The description of the rights and obligations of the operators, which includes the requirements and restrictions or limitations on the use of the LETIS logo or the way in which they refer to the certification granted;
  • The procedure for handling complaints and appeals to decisions regarding certification;
  • The list of operators that will include: Name of the company (company’s legal name), Contact point, Name of the Production Unit, Location, Province, Country, Production Category (Primary Production, Processing and / or Trading), Type of production, Product, Reference Standard, Certification Status, Operator Suspension and Product Cancellation and Period of Time.

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