LETIS launches new quality labels: LETIS Vegan and LETIS Free Hens

We have launched the LETIS Vegan and LETIS Free Hens quality seals, which are now available. These new seals seek to attend the demands of consumers and provide tools that facilitate transparency and communication of the essence, purpose and ways of working behind each product.

These “Business to Consumer” Seals are easy to see on certified products and are backed by accurate and responsible quality protocols and auditing and certification systems.

On the one hand, the LETIS Vegan certification provides transparency to consumers who choose products that do not contain ingredients or sub-ingredients of animal origin, that have not been tested on animals, and that have been produced and traced to avoid cross-contamination with other products that do not meet these characteristics.

On the other hand, the LETIS Free Hens certification facilitates the choice of eggs from hens raised with practices that address animal welfare, such as: the management of housing, feeding, health and veterinary treatment. It aims to reproduce the natural conditions of the hens, therefore reducing their stress. Some of the requirements of this seal are covered by organic certification, this is why we have developed a combined certification model, in which our clients can opt for both certifications under the same audit system.

For more information, we invite you to contact us directly at info@letis.org