LETIS will be participating in BIOFACH 2021, the most important online fair for organic products in the world

From February 17th to 19th our team will be part of the main fair for organic products in the world, BIOFACH 2021, which takes place every year in Nürnberg (Germany). This year, due to the context that we are experiencing worldwide, BIOFACH will be developed in online format.

Our commitment to the most important fair in the world for organic products continues to be renewed every year: we have been involved for more than 15 years without interruption. It means a great opportunity for us to meet and talk with producers, importers, exporters, international supermarket chains, accreditors, certifying colleagues from different countries and government agencies with the same purpose: to provide the world with organic products, ensuring transparency and safety to the consumer.

Through forums, trainings and meetings, the LETIS team is updated on new trends, demands and needs of the markets; transforming this information into actions for the constant improvement of our services and new developments.

We invite our clients who participate in Biofach to meet us digitally and share experiences. Also to those who cannot take part and want to learn through our team on any particular topic, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@letis.org

More information about BIOFACH 2021: here.