NATURE´S WAY: Organic winemaking in Argentina

Organic and biodynamic winemaking in Argentina was once the preserve of a small but passionate subset of producers catering to a niche market. Now, growing demand for sustainably-produced wines is fuelling a “revolution”, with producers big and small raising the bar for organic Argentine wine.

Mauricio Castro, from LETIS´s development area, and “VinoDinámicos” group coordinator explains:
“The main challenge is not in the control of fungal diseases, but in the maintenance and improvement of the fertility and life of the soil”

VinoDinámicos, is a non-profit alliance formed in 2018 between 10 producers in Mendoza with the aim of promoting and supporting sustainable viticulture across Argentina.

Over the past decade vineyard certification has increased significantly. In 2005 there were just 273 hectares of vineyards certified organic across Argentina. In 2020 there were 7,312 hectares across 76 Argentine wineries – a 2,578% increase over 15 years. A further 432 hectares are certified biodynamic.