NOP-Organic Transition Timeline for Operations in India

Following our News published in February 2021, “Important changes in the organic regulation relationship between USA and India“, this is a reminder of the India Transition Timeline requested by the USDA.

Since the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) National Organic Program (NOP) is ending its recognition agreement with India, APEDA-accredited certifiers will no longer provide USDA organic certification in India.

This decision starts a transition period which will allow Indian organic operations certified by APEDA-accredited certifiers to apply for direct certification by USDA-accredited certifiers, such as LETIS, to the USDA organic standards by July 12nd 2021. Certification by USDA-accredited certifiers, such as LETIS, will be required for products exported from India to the United States.

Please see the following graph, provided by the USDA, explaining the India Transition Time-line:

For more information, read the news source: International Trade Policies: India | Agricultural Marketing Service (